Our Story

In 2015 the Salvage was founded as a forum to convene passionate and like-minded individuals. The mission is to share, discuss and spread worthwhile ideas, whether they be ones that are popular, topical, historical, innovative, fashionable, healthy or hilarious in nature. 

The truth is, we’re not sure exactly what The Salvage is or whether this concept will be functional. We pledge to provide you with original and honest content aimed at enriching your daily life, casual conversations and most significantly, your perspective. This site will be constantly changing over the next several months while its contributors navigate their next steps in life. The fact is that whatever happens, whether we fizzle out into cyberspace or we are visited exclusively by close relatives, we are taking a chance by publishing our convictions and hopes within these pages.

The idea for The Salvage started in a small room in the East end of Toronto and came into fruition during a summer spent on the Westcoast. Naturally, it was put on the back burner until it became absolutely essential to start creating content for the purpose of chronicling my culinary adventures (The Salvage Kitchen). The Salvage has already spread to involve people from Vancouver, Toronto, California and New York.

The goals for The Salvage are as follows:



#1 to encourage open-mindedness.

#2  to use writing as an outlet for creative expression.

#3   to foster interaction between a scattered community of friends and family


My Story

I'm originally from Vancouver, Canada. I grew up in a small community just outside of Vancouver, nestled between the forest and ocean. I began my university years at McGill in Montreal then transferred to Western University in London, Ontario (2 hours from Toronto). Since, I've alternated my time between Toronto, Vancouver and most recently, New York City where I completed a culinary arts degree at the International Culinary Center. I plan to gain further kitchen experience and holistic training in the years to come.

A bit about me: My favourite colour is green. I enjoy vintage shopping, eating Korean seafood pancakes, sifting through design ideas on Pinterest, reading the Modern Love section of the NYT, making peppermint tea, organizing my belongings, wondering why I have the most unfortunate luck on a daily basis, and wishing I was more-well read but ultimately choosing to watch Netflix because I still don't have a side-table lamp and the concept of having to get up, out of bed when I'm in that sacred dozing off state, only to turn off the light, seems ludicrous to me.

- Tatiana

Editor in Chief of The Salvage